Press Releases

At Alamo Group, we are proud to be one of the industry leaders in technology, product innovation and our mission is to create value for our shareholders.



6-26-17 Alamo Group Inc. Completes Acquisition of Old Dominion Brush Company, Inc.

6-6-17 Alamo Group Inc. Completes Acquisition of Santa Izabel Agro Industria LTDA

5-2-17 Alamo Group Inc. to Acquire Santa Izabel Agro Industria LTDA

2-8-2017 Alamo Group Inc. to Acquire Old Dominion Brush Company, Inc.


12-16-2016 Alamo Group Inc. Announces Departure of Board Member

8-4-2016 Alamo Group Inc. Announces the Appointment of a New Board Member

5-23-2016 Alamo Group Inc. added to Standard & Poor's Smallcap 600&reg Index


12-16-2015 ALG Announces Retirement of Two Directors and Names New Chairman

8-6-2015 ALG Announces The Appointment of Two New Board Members

7-15-2015 ALG Announces Appointment of Vice President and General Counsel

3-30-2015 ALG Announces Appointment of Executive Vice President of North American Agricultural Division

3-10-2015 ALG Completes Acquisition of Herder Implementos e Máquinas Agrí­colas Ltda

3-2-2015 ALG Announces Retirement of Executive Vice President, North American Agricultural Division


11-10-2014 ALG Announces the Public Offering of Common Stock by Selling Shareholders

5-13-2014 ALG Completes Acquisition of Units of Specialized Industries

4-2-2014 Alamo Group Europe Ltd. Acquires Kellands Agricultural Ltd. and Multidrive Tractors Ltd.

2-24-2014 ALG to Acquire Units of Specialized Industries, LP