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In an era where technology and sustainability are driving forces in industries worldwide, Alamo Group has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation with the establishment of the Advanced Technical Center (ATC). This state-of-the-art facility, inaugurated in September 2021, serves as a hub for groundbreaking research, development, and transformation within Alamo Group.

The primary mission of ATC is to revolutionize the public perception of  Alamo Group from being primarily associated with diesel and hydraulic machinery to becoming a leading force in technology-driven, environmentally responsible solutions. ATC acts as a dedicated resource, bringing together a team of experts and cutting-edge facilities to drive the development of advanced vehicles and sustainable technologies.

Located in Huntsville, Alabama, ATC is equipped with the latest tools, equipment, and capabilities necessary to propel Alamo Group into a new era of innovation. One of the center's core strengths lies in its ability to run full-scale lab prototypes for both software development and hardware performance validation. This allows the ATC to simulate real-world conditions and thoroughly test the viability and efficiency of new vehicle systems and technologies.

Collaboration is key at  ATC, as it works hand in hand with Alamo Group's various business units to develop and refine ideas. The center can take concepts from initial stages and nurture them through every step of the development process. Whether working alongside company engineers or providing expert advice,  ATC's experienced team ensures that projects are executed with precision and efficiency.

ATC has already embarked on a series of ambitious projects that demonstrate its commitment to innovation and sustainability. Notable among these initiatives is the conversion of the Schwarze and Nitehawk sweepers to electric drive. By eliminating the reliance on traditional fuel sources, ATC is paving the way for a greener and more efficient future in street sweeping operations. Additionally, the center has partnered with Gradall on an excavator chassis conversion, further showcasing its versatility in multiple sectors of the industry.

One of the remarkable aspects of ATC is its comprehensive understanding of electrical systems. The staff boasts extensive expertise in low voltage, high voltage, various battery technologies, inverters, motors, and more. This deep knowledge enables ATC to design and implement advanced control architectures that surpass the limitations of traditional hydraulic systems, optimizing performance, efficiency, and sustainability.

ATC's commitment to excellence extends beyond the development stage. The center works closely with business units to leverage the expertise of those involved in the daily creation and production of Alamo Group products. By fostering close collaboration, ATC ensures that its innovations align with the practical needs and industry-specific requirements of Alamo Group's diverse range of businesses.

ATC's dedication to innovation has already borne fruit, as evidenced by its collaboration with Schwarze in converting the DOT M6 sweeper into an all-electric model. ATC worked diligently with a subcontractor to install the all-electric drivetrain, successfully meeting the stringent schedule for Con-Expo '23. The all-electric M6 EV made a remarkable debut at the expo, drawing attention alongside other exceptional products, including the all-electric Gradall excavator. In recognition of its achievements, the M6 EV is also set to be displayed at the upcoming Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) expo, continuing its development and fine-tuning.

ATC stands as a testament to the company's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and technological advancement. Through its cutting-edge research, collaborative approach, and unwavering focus on developing future-ready solutions, ATC is leading the charge toward a more sustainable and efficient future in the automotive industry. As ATC continues to push boundaries and pioneer new technologies, Alamo Group cements its position as a driving force in innovation, setting the stage for a greener and more technologically advanced tomorrow.

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