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The partnership between Gradall Industries and Volvo represents a significant collaboration in the realm of electric excavators. As Gradall continues to innovate its specialty hydraulic excavators, Volvo Penta North America has become a trusted partner in supplying engines and spearheading the development of all-electric solutions. This partnership marks a new era in sustainable and technologically advanced excavators, catering to the evolving needs of customers and paving the way for a greener future.

A Strong Foundation of Collaboration

Since 2014, Gradall and Volvo have shared a strong partnership, primarily driven by the adoption of Tier 4 final emission regulations. During this time, Volvo began supplying its five and eight-meter engines to Gradall, further solidifying the relationship. However, the collaboration didn't stop there. Responding to the increasing demand for sustainable and all-electric excavators, both companies embarked on a journey to develop an innovative all-electric excavator.

The Evolution of Electric Driveline

The collaboration between Gradall and Volvo in the development of electric excavators represents an evolution of their previous achievements. Their deep engineering collaboration and mutual support form a solid foundation to bring this groundbreaking product to the marketplace. Volvo's turnkey electric solution perfectly aligns with Gradall's product line, ensuring a seamless integration of high-quality, sustainable technologies.

A Complete System Approach

The partnership between Gradall and Volvo goes beyond engine supply. Volvo Penta offers Gradall a complete system approach, providing a turnkey electric solution. This comprehensive system includes the core components such as batteries, drive motors, gearboxes, 600-volt cables, junction boxes, DC converters, and control systems. By offering a fully integrated system, Volvo Penta empowers Gradall to deliver a complete 600-volt solution that sets new standards in electric excavator performance.

Successful Collaboration and Rapid Progress

The journey of developing an all-electric excavator has been a successful collaboration between Gradall and Volvo. With Gradall's engineering team embracing the concept, and Volvo Penta's turnkey solution proving easy to implement, the project progressed swiftly. In just eight months, from the summer of 2022 to ConExpo, Gradall showcased a fully operational electric excavator, demonstrating the effectiveness of their collaboration.

A Bright Future for Electric Excavators

Electric excavators offer more than just sustainability; they present numerous advantages that customers will appreciate. With the electric solutions being in their early stages, there is vast potential for improvement. Moving forward, these excavators will surpass their predecessors in terms of efficiency, features, and maintenance. Customers can anticipate superior performance, enhanced efficiency, and improved ease of use, establishing a new benchmark for excavator technology.

The partnership between Gradall Industries and Volvo has opened up new possibilities in the world of electric excavators. Through their collaboration, Gradall gains access to Volvo's extensive expertise in electric driveline solutions, ensuring the successful development and delivery of cutting-edge excavators. Together, they are shaping the future of the industry, offering sustainable, technologically advanced excavators that meet the evolving demands of customers and contribute to a greener and more efficient construction landscape.

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