In 2006, Herder Brazil embarked on a market research journey and successfully introduced crushers to the Brazilian market. Initially making a mark on the highways of São Paulo, the company's reach soon expanded to include agriculture and landscaping sectors. Today, situated in São João da Boa Vista, Herder Brazil is dedicated to providing specialized solutions in Agriculture, Landscaping, and Highways. Herder Brazil continues to pursue excellence, offering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers. With a steadfast focus on growth and sustainability, Herder Brazil remains dedicated to delivering top-quality products and services that exceed customer expectations.


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  • In Brazil, Herder is currently engaged in the crop residue crushing sector and offers a diverse range of solutions for this specific purpose. Our equipment comes in various sizes, spanning from 31.49 inches to 472.44 inches, and includes an extensive lineup of crushers.
  • Among our product offerings, we proudly feature the Stone Enleirador, a tool designed to streamline field operations by creating stone rows, thus simplifying subsequent tasks. This equipment works seamlessly with another exceptional product from the Herder portfolio, the Stone Collector. The Stone Collector is adept at gathering stones from the field, allowing for their proper disposal in the designated location.
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FLV 1200 was developed for crushing crop residues and adapted in Cotton and Grain Harvesters. It has a lifting system with two single-action hydraulic cylinders when coupled to the harvester and crusher turning system: copying soil imperfections and level curves. 12° Total articulation and linear vertical movement of more than 1,170mm. With all this range of benefits the FLV 1200 is the ideal option focused on yield bringing better cost benefit.

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