We take our ESG responsibilities and performance very seriously. We continue to learn more every day about what works well within our company, what contributes positively but needs further improvement, and what aspects of our business we need to rethink completely to achieve the ESG targets we have set for ourselves. As with all forms of continuous improvement, driving corporate ESG performance is a journey, one that has a distinct identifiable starting point, but one that has no end. No matter what we achieve, there is always more we can do. There are always opportunities to further improve, we will continue to report both our successes and areas where we have fallen short. This year is no exception.

Since 2019, Alamo Group has made substantial investments in more sustainable technologies in its own operations and in its new product development activities. Because many of our investments address multiple business objectives (including cost reduction, capacity and maintenance needs) declaring whether or not it is a “sustainability” investment may just be a matter of semantics. For example, our investments in inverter-type welding machines and fiber laser cutting technology are often justified based on improved efficiency, capacity and quality, but such investments also come with significant positive impacts in terms of electricity consumption per unit of output. 

Sustainability Investments

Our sustainability efforts are focused on the environmental impacts of our own operations and the collaborative work of sourcing, manufacturing, and selling more sustainable products. We also make a positive impact by leading and participating in conservation and sustainability projects within the communities where we work and live. We not only make investments to reduce our energy consumption, water use and the amount of waste we send to landfills, we also make investments in renewable energy, waste recycling and biodiversity in our green spaces. It is our goal to reduce the impacts of our operations and create net positive environmental impacts throughout our value chain.

Environmental Responsibility