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Our Common Stock trades on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol: ALG.

Alamo Group is committed to producing high quality, cost effective products for our customers. Our strategy is to supplement our internal growth through acquisitions of complimentary businesses or product lines that are or have the potential to be a meaningful player within their niche markets.


Thursday, May 6, 2021, at 9:00 am Central Daylight Time
To attend the Annual Meeting you will need to visit, and you will be required to enter the control number found on your proxy card.
If you have difficulty accessing the Annual Meeting through the Annual Meeting Website, please call 1-844-986-0822
or 303-562-9302 (international)


Stockholders of record as of the close of business on March 15, 2021, the record date for the Annual Meeting, will be afforded the same rights and opportunities to vote, ask questions and participate as they would at an in-person meeting.  Once you have entered the virtual Annual Meeting platform, you will be able to type and submit your questions by using the applicable field provided in the web portal before the polls close.  You or your proxy holder may participate, vote and ask questions at the virtual Annual Meeting subject to our Annual Meeting rules and procedures. We will post the Rules for Conduct of Meeting to our Investor Relations website at no later than one week prior to the Annual Meeting date, and will also make them available during the Annual Meeting through the virtual meeting platform. During the Annual Meeting, the Company will answer questions that are pertinent to the Company and the official business of the Annual Meeting subject to time constraints.  Only shareholders with a valid control number will be allowed to ask questions.  Stockholders are encouraged to login to the virtual Annual Meeting prior to the start time in order to leave enough time to confirm the connection is sufficient to access the virtual meeting site and to allow sufficient time to get familiar with the virtual meeting features. Technical support will also be available during the Annual Meeting.  If any stockholder experiences technical difficulty please call 1-844-986-0822 (toll-free) or 303-562-9302 (international) where technicians will be available to assist.



Welcome to Alamo Group’s 2021 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Your 16-digit control number is required to attend, vote and ask questions during the meeting. In fairness to all participants and in the interest of an orderly and constructive meeting, we ask that you abide by the following Rules of Conduct.

1. The Chairman of the Alamo Group Board of Directors has the authority to conduct the meeting and rule on any questions or procedural matters that may arise. Any action taken by the Chairman of the meeting will be final and binding on all persons.

2. The only business to be conducted at the meeting consists of the three proposals set forth in the Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders and in the Proxy Statement. Proposals will be taken up in the sequence indicated on the Annual Meeting Agenda.

3. You do not need to vote at the meeting if you have already voted by telephone, Internet or mail. However, if you wish to change your vote, or if you have not previously voted, you may vote by logging into the virtual meeting at during the meeting while the polls are open. The polls will be opened and will remain open until the official business of the meeting has been completed. If any item of the official business of the meeting is not properly presented at the meeting, votes on that item will not be counted.

4. Shareholders will have the opportunity to submit questions during the meeting. To do so, please submit your question by logging into the virtual annual meeting platform and typing your question into the applicable field provided in the web portal. Please provide your name, address (city and state) and organization, and, if applicable, the specific proposal to which your question relates. In order to facilitate responses and discussion, all questions should be succinct and limited to one topic.


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