Press Release Archive

At Alamo Group, we are proud to be one of the industry leaders in technology, product innovation and our mission is to create value for our shareholders.



11-10-2014 ALG Announces the Public Offering of Common Stock by Selling Shareholders
5-13-2014 ALG Completes Acquisition of Units of Specialized Industries
4-2-2014 Alamo Group Europe Ltd. Acquires Kellands Agricultural Ltd. and Multidrive Tractors Ltd.
2-24-2014 ALG to Acquire Units of Specialized Industries, LP


12-16-2013 ALG Announces Termination of Negotiations to Acquire Bandit Industries
11-19-2013 ALG to Acquire Bandit Industries


10-21-2011 ALG Announces Plant Consolidation 
10-19-2011 ALG Acquires Tenco Group
9-27-2011 ALG Announces Appointment of Executive Vice President of North American Industrial Division
9-8-2011 ALG to Present at Investor Conference
8-30-2011 ALG to Present at Investor Conference
8-8-2011 ALG to Present at Investor Conference
8-3-2011 ALG Announces the Election of New Board Member
5-5-2011 ALG Names James B. Skaggs as Board Chairman
3-10-2011 Donald J. Douglass Announces His Intention to Retire from the Alamo Group Inc. Board of Directors 
3-10-2011 ALG Announces the Election of New Board Member   


11-4-2010 ALG Announces the Retirement of David H. Morris
9-1-2010 ALG to Present at Investor Conference


10-22-09 ALG Completes Acquisition of Bush Hog
9-4-09 ALG to Acquire Assets of Bush Hog 


5-30-08 ALG Acquires Rivard 


1-16-07 ALG Appoints Chief Financial Officer
3-6-07 ALG Acquires Henke Manufacturing


2-3-06 ALG Acquires Gradall Excavator Business
5-12-06 ALG to Acquire Certain Assets of Clean Earth
5-24-06 ALG Completes Acquisition of Certain Assets of Clean Earth
7-14-06 ALG Acquires Nite-Hawk
7-27-06 ALG Files Shelf Registration Statement


2-14-05 ALG Acquires Spearhead Machinery Limited
12-5-05 Closure of Kansas Plant


2-6-04 ALG to Acquire Rousseau Holdings, S.A.
3-15-04 ALG Aquires Rousseau Holdings, S.A.  
5-19-04 ALG Aquires Product Lines from Wildcat Mfg. Co.