The Mantis brand, a recent addition to Alamo Group, represents a culmination of over two years of development. Designed and manufactured in the United States, the Mantis prime mover has production facilities in Texas and Ohio. With its second-generation model, the Mantis has undergone a complete overhaul, presenting a brand-new machine that surpasses its predecessor in every aspect.

In the market of professional mowing, cutting, and clearing equipment, the Mantis prime mover stands as a formidable presence. It is purpose-built, meticulously crafted to address the most challenging tasks effortlessly. Developed in collaboration with industry experts, this machine integrates sturdy construction, advanced features, and exceptional engineering to deliver outstanding performance even in the most demanding environments.



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The Mantis

Introducing the Mantis Prime Mover! The Mantis is built with a 180 degree view of the working area and 3 different steering modes.