Industrial Division

Serving both governmental and industrial users of right-of-way maintenance equipment is a challenge. We strive to address our customer's evolving requirements through aggressive R&D and continuous product updates that improve the productivity and efficiency of our vacuum trucks, street and parking lot sweepers, snow removal equipment and roadside mower products.

  • Alamo Industrial

    Alamo Industrial
    1502 E. Walnut Street
    Seguin, TX 78155
    Call Us (800) 882-5762
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    Alamo Industrial® has been supplying mowers to the governmental, agricultural and commercial turf markets for over 45 years. We are one of the world's largest manufacturers of tractor-mounted mowers, brush-cutters and other similar equipment made for right-of-way clearing, roadside vegetation management and grounds maintenance. Alamo Industrial has a wide array of products including rotary, flail, and sickle bar mowers. Our best in class boom mowers are offered with many types of cutting heads to accommodate the challenges our customers face.

    Our specialty products include remote control equipment, which can assist with mowing needs as well as help to clear snow, debris and other challenging material in areas that standard equipment is unable to reach. Other specialty equipment includes supersized boom packages to fit the needs for the Department of Defense and Forestry segments. We have built our products with the guidance from the end user and we welcome opportunities, challenges and innovative ideas to create the next generation of equipment for our customers’ needs. Alamo Industrial views the sale of our products as just a beginning. We stand behind our products with quality OEM parts and a top notch customer service team. We offer operator and technician training at the factory and in the field.

  • Everest


    1077 Westmount
    Ayer’s Cliff, Quebec J0B 1C0
    Call us: 819-838-4257

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    Everest Equipment designs and manufactures a full range of heavy-duty snow removal and ice control products marketed under the Everest®, American Sno-Plows® and Frink America® brands. Products include snowplows, hitches, wing systems and all-season spreader bodies. Everest also designs and services a wide range of custom “cast-in-place” concrete forming systems for underground structures.

  • Gradall

    406 Mill Avenue SE
    New Philadelphia, OH 44663
    Call us: (330) 339-2211
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    Gradall produces a full spectrum of implements based on high-pressure hydraulics and telescoping booms. Many of our products are designed for excavation, grading, shaping and similar tasks involved in land clearing, road building or maintenance. These are available mounted on various types of undercarriages: wheels for full-speed highway travel, wheels for on/off road use, and crawlers. Gradall also makes specialized machines for industrial, mining and railroad purposes.

  • Henke

    3070 Wilson
    Leavenworth, KS 66048
    Toll Free: (888) 682-9010
    Fax: (913) 682-0300
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    Henke Manufacturing is a recognized Industry Leader in the designing and manufacturing of snowplows and heavy duty snow-removal equipment, hitches and attachments for trucks, loaders and graders.

  • HP Fairfield

    HP Fairfield
    Fax: (207) 474-6526
    Call: (207) 474-9836
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    HP Fairfield serves municipalities and contractors throughout New England by helping them improve the safety and condition of roadways, airfields and public infrastructure through the sale, manufacture and custom installation of specialized work truck and related equipment. Our products include custom municipal snow and ice removal equipment; street sweepers; rotary, flail and boom mowers; solid waste and recycling equipment; water and sewer maintenance equipment; sidewalk tractors; and asphalt maintenance patchers. HP Fairfield operates from six branch locations throughout New England.

  • Nite-Hawk

    NiteHawk Sweepers
    19713 58th Pl. S.
    Kent, WA 98032
    Call us: (800) 448-9364
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    For over 30 years NiteHawk Sweepers has been producing parking lot sweepers with its unique and innovative hydraulic design. By eliminating the auxiliary engine, NiteHawk Sweepers have proven to be the most fuel efficient, environmentally conscious, and cost effective to operate. NiteHawk Sweepers focuses on contractors and municipalities both domestically and internationally.

  • Old Dominion Brush Company

    Old Dominion Brush Company
    5118 Glen Alden Dr.
    Richmond, VA  23231
    (800) 446-9823
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    Old Dominion Brush Company, Inc. (“ODB”) was founded in 1910 and is based in Richmond, Virginia with an assembly and warehouse operation in Kansas City, Missouri. ODB manufactures and sells replacement brooms for street sweepers and leaf vacuum units primarily sold to municipalities, contractors and commercial landscape markets.
  • RPM Tech

    R.P.M. Tech Inc.
    2220 Jean-de-Brébeuf Blvd.
    Drummondville, Quebec  J2B 8A1
    Telephone: 1-819-478-1421

    R.P.M. Tech Inc., is a manufacturer of heavy duty snow removal equipment, mainly mechanical snow blowers and cold air blowers. The primary end-users of R.P.M. Tech products are governmental agencies, related contractors, airports, railroads and transit users.

  • Schwarze Industries

    Schwarze Industries
    1055 Jordan Road NE
    Huntsville, AL 35811
    Call us: (800) 879-7933
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    Schwarze produces air, mechanical broom, regenerative air sweepers, and replacement parts. Schwarze sells its products worldwide, primarily to governmental agencies, airports, and independent contractors.

  • Super Products

    Super Products
    Call us: (800) 837-9711
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    Today, a leading manufacturer of truck mounted industrial vacuum equipment, Super Products has been offering innovative, cost-effective and time-saving equipment since 1972. The company's product line consist of its Supersucker® industrial vacuum loaders, Durasucker® liquid vacuum trucks, Camel® combination sewer & catch basin cleaners, and Mud Dog® hydro excavators.

  • Terrain King

    Terrain King
    1502 E. Walnut Street
    Seguin, TX 78155
    Call us: 1-800-882-5756
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    Terrain King™, established in 1955, was an early pioneer in developing flex-wing mowers for governmental roadside maintenance applications. Fast forward to today and you will see the exclusive “Performance Matched” approval from the Kubota Corporation attached to our mid-mounted boom mowers and flail mowers. The approval indicates that our implements have been tested by the Kubota Corporation Engineering department in both Japan and the US and have an Allied Engineering Release on file that documents the testing and the final approval procedures. No other brands of boom and industrial flail mowers have been tested or approved for use on Kubota tractors. Following the sale of our equipment to our valued customers, we make available quality OEM parts, best in class customer service and in-plant or on-site operator and tech training to complete your needs to keep your equipment running.

  • Tiger

    Tiger Corporation
    3301 N. Louise Avenue
    Sioux Falls, SD 57107
    Call us: (800) 843-6849
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    Tiger produces heavy-duty tractor and truck-mounted mowing and vegetation maintenance equipment, including boom-mounted brush mowers and replacement parts. The product line includes boom mowers, side mowers, and ditches utilizing both rotary and flail mower assemblies. These implements are used for roadside maintenance, parks, schools, airports and general grounds maintenance. Tiger sells to state, county, and local governmental entities; both domestically and internationally; as well as related contractors through a vast network of dealers.

  • Tenco

    1318 Main Street
    (Quebec) J0H 2B0 Canada
    Call us: 1-800-318-3626 CDN/USA or 1-450-549-2411
    Fax: 1-800-922-2410 CDN/USA or 1-450-549-2410
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    Tenco specializes in manufacturing snow and ice removal equipment. More specifically, it offers a wide variety of equipment for road and airport runway maintenance, mainly snowblowers, sweepers, equipment for trucks and loaders as well as attachments.

  • VacAll

    406 Mill Avenue SW
    New Philadelphia, OH 44663
    Call us: 800-382-8302
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    VACALL products include vacuum street sweepers, catch basin cleaners and roadway debris vacuum systems. These units are powerful and versatile with uses including removal of wet and dry leaves, spill remediation, cleaning of sludge beds and roadway sweeping. VACALL also offers a line of sewer cleaners that is comprised of rugged designs that combines the best in durability, performance and safety.

  • Wausau

    Wausau Equipment
    1905 South Moorland Road
    New Berlin, WI 53151-2321 U.S.A.
    Toll Free: (800) 788-6066
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    Wausau Equipment designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of heavy-duty snow removal and ice control products to help our customers maintain safe and efficient roads, runways and railways. Our products are marketed under the brand names Wausau™, Snogo®, Tyler Ice™, SnoDozer® and Turbo Blast®. Product include snowplows, hitches, wings, underbody scrapers, loader-mounted snow blowers, attachment brooms, tunnel washers, self-propelled snow blower and broom vehicles, multi-tasking equipment, de-icers and high velocity air blowers.