Boom Mowers/Power Arms

The Bomford Heron has been developed for the environment and drainage boards, this mid mount machine offers a 9.2m telescopic mid mounted configuration, allowing fitment to lighter tractors than would be possible with conventional designs.

The Alamo Industrial Maverick stands alone when it comes to boom mowers. It boasts the newest technology in the industry featuring maneuverability and trouble-shooting/monitoring devices virtually unheard of when it comes to functioning efficiently and effectively with a boom mower. The Maverick is a smart design for those who want the most from their boom mower investment.

McConnel Front Mount Hy-Reach 65 Power Arm can mount a variety of trimming and mowing implements. Case in point: the PA Verge Mower, which can extend up to a 16'4" reach with parallel linkage and can operate at up to 12 mph when fitted with the Easy Drive System®.

The Tiger TrucKat is a truck-mounted boom mower that travels to jobsites at highway speeds, so it can log more mowing hours in a standard workday. This factor plus its superb maneuverability help it deliver over 50% greater productivity than conventional tractor mowers.

The flexibility and utility of boom mowers/power arms can also be found in equipment from Spearhead, Twose, SMA and Terrain King.