Street Sweepers

Schwarze offers sweepers are built to meet demand for fast removal of heavy debris from streets. These large mechanical sweepers features a rear mount to allow extra width, plus a squeegee conveyor to give a clean sweep in one pass.  Also, providing  one of the largest, most powerful regenerative air sweepers in existence. Yet with our exclusive WhisperWheel fan system, it runs quieter and with less fuel consumption than its closest competitor.

The Schwarze SuperVac Updraft is a single engine parking area sweeper designed for the end-user looking to increase overall profits by reducing fuel consumption. Optimum performance is achieved by driving the suction fan from a specially designed hydraulic system powered by the chassis engine.

The Nite-Hawk units boasts the power of the HFP system, a larger capacity hydraulic motor, an approximate four cubic yard hopper, an 81 inch pick-up head, and a powder coated exterior that  is available on a cab-over diesel chassis.

The new Nite-Hawk NH200 XLP is the ideal sweeper for small to medium size jobs or if you have to squeeze into a low profile parking garage. The NH 200 Model comes with standard features like an approximately two cubic yard hopper, an 81 in pick-up head and a powder coated exterior. It is mounted on a three-quarter ton chassis. The NH200 is available on a GM or Ford chassis.