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Enhancing Communities Through Innovative Equipment Solutions

Alamo Group's Industrial Division is a leader in infrastructure maintenance, offering a diverse range of equipment solutions that contribute to improving communities. This division plays a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and functionality of various public and private sector projects, which in turn promotes better air and water quality, as well as transportation safety for communities worldwide.

The division produces a wide range of equipment for maintenance on and around highways, airports, industrial properties, parks and recreational facilities, commercial landscapes, and other specialty use areas. The division's products include excavators, vacuum trucks, street sweepers, debris collectors, and snow removal equipment. In 2022, this division reached $ 577 million dollars in sales, accounting for approximately 40% of the company's total sales. The division employs about 1,600 people in 11 manufacturing locations across 3 countries and primarily sells its equipment through a network of approximately 750 dealers and distributors. The division's specialized equipment focuses on application-based solutions and includes some of the most recognizable brand names in the market, including Everest, Gradall, Henke, HP Fairfield, NiteHawk, Old Dominion Brush, Rivard, RPM Tech Inc, Schulte, Schwarze, Super Products, Tenco, Vacall, and Wausau. The products of this division are designed to meet the year-round maintenance requirements of both contractor and municipal infrastructure customers.

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