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McConnel unveils the groundbreaking ROBOCUT S300e, an innovative all-electric remote-control slope mower.

Building upon the proven capabilities of the popular ROBOCUT S300, the S300e retains its exceptional features, including 55-degree slope operation, a 150m range, and bi-directional cutting. However, with the integration of electric power, it now offers the same high-performance level while ensuring zero emissions and reduced noise.

The ROBOCUT S300e is powered by two advanced Vanguard 48-volt lithium batteries, providing a runtime of up to 4 hours for uninterrupted operation on a single charge. Recharging the batteries typically takes around 8 hours. For added convenience, a fast-charging option is available, reducing the charging time to just 4 hours.

Engineered for maximum efficiency, the ROBOCUT S300e features a new 1.1m rotary mulching deck that has been specifically designed for electric operation. Equipped with two powerful motors that directly drive the blades, this innovative design ensures optimal efficiency and superior cutting performance, resulting in a more effective and quieter mowing experience.

The ROBOCUT S300e will make its public debut at Flood and Water Live, a working demonstration event hosted by ADA in Carrington, Lincolnshire, on the 5th and 6th of July. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to see the S300e in action and experience its capabilities and features firsthand.

The ROBOCUT S300e is set to enter full production later this year, with delivery of new orders expected in early 2024.

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