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As a new winter season approaches, Alamo Group's Snow & Ice Team is geared up and ready to deliver exceptional solutions for winter maintenance. Alamo Group's Snow and Ice Team has recently undergone a significant restructuring to enhance their operations and create a more unified approach. Previously, individual brands operated independently, but now they have come together as a cohesive Snow and Ice Team under Alamo Group's umbrella.

Despite the challenges that come with change, the Snow and Ice Team embraces this realignment wholeheartedly. Each team member understands the mission, values, and the inherent strength in working together rather than individually. This unity has already proven fruitful, as the team was recently awarded two prestigious collective contracts by Sourcewell.

In June, the Snow & Ice Team secured a general "Snow & Ice" contract, and in February, they were granted an airport-specific contract. The combined product offering and the team's dedication impressed Sourcewell, earning them the top ranking among all submissions for the "Snow & Ice" contract. This achievement is especially noteworthy as it surpassed renowned industry players such as AEBI Schmidt, Federal Signal, and Douglas Dynamics.

Winning these contracts brings numerous benefits to the entire Snow and Ice Team, with Tenco experiencing a significant milestone. After a gap of over four years, Tenco is now part of the Sourcewell contract, allowing them to reap the advantages and opportunities it presents.

Alamo Group's Snow and Ice Team's transition to a unified entity has already proven to be an exciting and successful endeavor. Their collective efforts, shared resources, and comprehensive product offerings position them strongly in the market, reinforcing their commitment to delivering exceptional snow and ice solutions.

A Closer Look at the Companies That Make Up Alamo Group's Snow & Ice Team

Everest specializes in manufacturing dump bodies, plow, and wing systems for trucks. With their extensive experience and dedication to quality, Everest provides reliable and innovative solutions for winter maintenance. Their products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and help municipalities, DOTs, and highway districts efficiently clear snow and ice.

Henke is a renowned brand with over a century of experience in designing and engineering snow and ice removal equipment for Graders, loaders, and trucks. They offer a comprehensive range of products, including snowplows, spreaders, combination units, and more. Henke's commitment to durability and performance ensures that their equipment consistently delivers outstanding results, making them a trusted choice for winter maintenance professionals.

HP Fairfield is a leading upfitter of snow and ice control equipment and truck bodies. Their solutions are designed to enhance efficiency and productivity, enabling customers to effectively manage winter challenges. With their expertise in truck equipment and attachments, HP Fairfield delivers reliable products that meet the needs of municipalities, contractors, and other snow and ice removal professionals.

RPM Tech specializes in manufacturing snow blowers and other specialized winter maintenance equipment for airports and railroads. Their innovative designs and advanced technologies ensure optimal performance and ease of use. With a focus on customer satisfaction, RPM Tech continuously strives to develop cutting-edge solutions that enhance productivity and safety in snow and ice removal operations.

Tenco specializes in designing, manufacturing and upfitting snow and ice control equipment, including plows, spreaders, and wing systems. With their focus on innovation and environmental sustainability, Tenco provides state-of-the-art solutions that help customers efficiently manage winter conditions while minimizing their impact on the environment. Their commitment to quality and performance sets them apart in the industry.

Wausau Equipment, the parent company of SnoGo, Bluemax and Tyler ice, is a leading manufacturer of snow removal equipment for Airport and Municipalities. Their extensive product line includes snow blowers, plows and more. Wausau Equipment's dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes them a trusted partner for municipalities, contractors, and other snow removal professionals.

With over a century of combined experience, the Snow & Ice Team provides unparalleled solutions for winter challenges and understands the importance of safe and accessible roadways. They are here to support cities, towns, municipalities, DOTs, highway districts, and others in their snow and ice removal efforts.

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